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Brass Plaques produced in the UK

Brass Plaques are an excellent choice when you are looking for something like Bench Memorial Plaques or a Brass Signs. They are great when you want to display a long lasting memorial or sign that looks great for years.

Quality Brass Plaques will last you many years, being made from high grade Brass and Lacquered.

High Grade Brass Plaques are made from a better and more solid grade of Brass Metal. This means that when an engraved plaque is produced, clean and sharp looking Brass Plaques can be achieved.

Brass Plaques in the UK from materials that have been researched and sourced properly. This ensures that if you are looking for Brass Plaques UK, you will get a Brass Plaque made from very high quality material and with deep engraving achievable due to the type of Brass we use.

That means high quality are always produced, crafted by expert engravers.

Lacquered Brass Plaques made bespoke to your requirements.

Lacquered Brass Plaques and Brass Plaques are made with a high quality Lacquer that will never tarnish or deteriorate through wear and tear. This means your Lacquered Brass Plaque will look fantastic for many years.

Our Brass Plaques are made from perfectly lacquered brass, made specifically for us.

We use Lacquered Brass Plaques that are made from 1.2mm and 1.5mm brass and we also stock a large range of sizes, fixing options and corner finishes.

So if you are looking for Brass Plaques UK, why not see our various options and see what we have to offer on our Lacquered Brass Plaques products for sale through this website below.

If you have any questions before purchase of your Brass Plaques, email us on sales@lacqueredbrassplaques.co.uk or telephone us on 01472 350565.

Please Note: All Lacquered Brass Plaques we stock are measured in inches.

Our Lacquered Brass Plaques are made from some of the best brass available for purchase

Important: When you purchase your Lacquered Brass Plaques, please ensure that your spelling and any dates are correct when you purchase. Once your Brass Plaques UK are made it will not be possible to correct any errors.

Please note: Our Brass Plaques are all FREE UK POSTAGE ONLY.

So why buy Lacquered Brass Plaques?

Lacquered Brass Plaques are unique in that they do not scratch or tarnish over time. This makes them a great choice if you are looking for an extremely long lasting and hard wearing plaque that will look good for many years.

The Lacquer we use on our Brass Plaques achieves a seal, which stops damage to your plaque from all sorts of potential and problematic sources that may come into contact with your Brass Plaque.

The deep engraving on the plaque also takes on the lacquer when applied. This means that any message or name engraved into the plaque will also remain crisp for along time. More or less as you bought it when it was purchased as a new plaque engraving.

If you want a plaque that will not only last for many years, but also look fantastic all the time, then a Lacquered Brass Plaque is a great choice.

Who would require a Lacquered Brass Plaque?

Anybody who is looking for a Brass Plaque that will be applied to an external mount would be making a great choice by purchasing a Lacquered Brass Plaque. Because they are hard wearing, they can stand up to all sorts of extreme weather conditions. Making Lacquered Brass Plaques brilliant for exterior Brass Signs or for Bench Memorial Plaques.

Other examples where a Lacquered Brass Plaque could be used are for House Signs or House Numbers, Business Signs, Wall Signs or Memorial Plaques.

They also make a great choice for the military, where there is a requirement for Brass Plaques for display on an exterior military memorial. Especially as many military memorials are exposed to extreme weather.

You could be a dental surgeon, doctor, accountant, or solicitor. These are just a few examples of the type of professional people that could make use of a Lacquered Brass Plaques on the exterior of their premises.

Of course there are many types of professional people that could use Lacquered Brass Plaques. Regardless of what profession you are in, they will always look fantastic when displayed on a wall or some other type of mount.

If you are looking for a Bench Memorial Plaque as a memorial for a loved one that has passed away, you will no doubt need to display your plaque externally. So a Lacquered Brass Plaque would make sense in these circumstances.

Would a Lacquered Brass Plaque be suitable for an interior sign?

The answer to this is yes. Because Lacquered Brass Plaques are easy to clean and last a very long time, they make an ideal plaque for anybody that requires an internal sign where cleaning time is minimal.

Lacquered Brass Plaques could be used as interior signs in offices, museums, libraries, or anywhere that holds events.

Because there are various sizes available, they can be used as large or small Brass Plaques with a deep engraved sign or message.

Lacquered Brass Plaques

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